Visit from Francoise

Dear all,

Joe is trying not to get overly hopeful for a truly HAPPY and NEW beginning in 2016, but he was grinning ear-to-ear today as he related one bit of good news after the other.  He’s had his hopes dashed far too many times to dare to believe justice will finally be served in his case, but still, he wanted me to pass along his best wishes to all.  He was in great spirits, full of humor with all his crazy-but-sadly-true stories, and kept reaching down to scratch his phantom leg, then shook his head as he realized it was gone.  What a survivor!  What a network of supporters he’s built up inside and outside!  Joe should be named “Man of the Year” for taking on ADA rights in prison, advocating for inmates in his dorm to have their first ever representative, telling “whiners” to get real when they get distracted arguing over the commissary’s brand of potato chips, turning those who try to intimidate him into friends, preparing to try his peace curriculum for prisoners again, and then forcing the kitchen to offer healthy food choices and getting black market veggies to make low sodium soup for an inmate with severe gastric pains… and the list goes on…

I look forward to finally meeting many of you at the February Symposium – a big thank you to all for everything you do!
Here’s to a really really Happy New Year for Joe!
Cheers, Francoise in Durham, NC

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