Pete’s blog – #7-Joe Giarratano and his new (Leg)

Working out with Joe Giarratano and his new (Leg).. Yes he got that bad boy yesterday and this morning we hit the BlackTop, Man-O-Live let me tell ya, This guy was off like a shot. What a difference it makes with the right equipment, From a sitting position he stood up took that first step he was damn near running, Straight clean lines,
Step for Step, No side to side or Hesitation, He did the full perimeter ofthe yard w/ his forearm crutches (just as a guide.
( I was keeping time) old time & leg 15.23 minutes / new time & leg
6.54 minutes. He did this for about an hour plus doing different positions, Sitting, Half squats, Side to Side, Heel to Toe, and taking corners with a Natural
Gate & Stride, Before he wasn’t able to do this with that damn dinosaur of a leg he had, Now it’s like driving a new Lamborghini, low & smooth, fast enough to to give you a face lift, OKAY..
I might have stretched it a little, But damn it looks good, well, we are off to the gym, Will let y’all know how it goes, we’re here and true to form Joe is off and running. He’s done three ellipticals, a semi recumbent elliptical, parallel bars, stationary bike. Ya know.. the way this Guy’s running around, squat, lift, run, walk, bend it’s like watching the damn Olympics, I’m waiting for Gaby Douglas to come flipping by, He did an outstanding job today, 3 hours he was on his new leg, He is on his way to getting back to a new and better normal, But we all know normal sucks.. crazy is where it’s at 😉

DFCC 8/31/16

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