Pete’s blog #2 – I’ve seen this guy do some pretty amazing stuff

Today I had a new task, taking Joe G to his physical therapy session (unscheduled ). It was a surprise test to reevaluate his mobility level, Reference Medicare.

They usually ask the person that takes him to leave. What a surprise they let me stay. So this is what I witnessed.

First they had him do a balance test on his prosthesis and then on his other leg. From what I could see they were having him hold one leg straight out & it seemed at least a foot or more off the ground for a minute or two each leg. He breezed right through this. Next they had him do a drop and pick up, ( drop a pen and pick it up ). Not as easy as it seems. Try doing this w/ one leg.. But in Joe fashion he did it with a smile on his face & dropped a glove a couple of times and picked it up just to make a point that he’s got this, and then asked: What else ya got?

On to the next, and it was an obstacle course he had to navigate around pylons for 6 Ω minutes. He did this without a hitch. Let me tell ya I thought they might have got him on this one. Hell no, he slammed it out of the park.

Now what they wanted him to next was a little baffling. They wanted him to go up a series of steps. Let me explain. A padded stepper like you would have in an aerobic class this was the first step and it was pushed up against a padded table that was at least 2 feet higher then the stepper: this was the second step.They told him he had to go up the first step then on the next one. They wanted him to place the walker on top of the table and w/ his prosthesis climb this mountain of a step while pulling him self up w/ the walker. Well let me tell ya, I’ve got two legs and there is no way in hell I could have done this. You would have to do the splits standing up to accomplish this.

Where do they find these crazy ass people and who makes up the tests? I could see if the man was getting ready to climb Mount Everest. Your damn right put him through the riggers ya know, it just didn’t make any sense to have him go up this stepper only to try and climb on a padded table ( COMPLETE BS ) and what really makes you want to piss bullets this man has already done these tests.

For some reason this company well, let’s just call them Armor ;), is having him do them again, why?? Absolutely no reason for this other than to make up some excuse and deny him a new prosthetic. But ya know, all this crap they are throwing at him, he’ll do it. I’ve seen this guy do some pretty amazing stuff with only one leg, when he gets the others watch out. Someone is probably gonna get a bionic foot in the ass when this is all over.

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