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My encounter with JPay

This is not my first encounter with JPay, although the most unsatisfactory. Last winter Joe’s tablet also broke down when he was at PMU and he was unable to even advise JPay of the problem because the only Kiosk at PMU was up a flight of stairs. Joe got a copy of a mail to […]

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Letters from Peace Studies Class

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain being incarcerated for this long period of time has brought you, but I urge you to remain positive and keep fighting for what is right.

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Visited Joe August 10, 2014

Dignity. Compassion. Justice. Are these three traits not the essence of being human? Do they not express what it means to lead a life worth living? Are they not human rights, part of what makes us aspire to do the right thing, to be the best we can be? For most of us, these three […]

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