Although Giarratano claimed in one of his police-composed confessions that he stabbed Toni Kline, experts have determined Kline’s injuries to be consistent with those of a right-handed attacker. Joe has a neurological deficit, which not only makes him left handed, but also impairs his right side. Also, Joe claims that he stabbed Kline with a seven inch, wooden handled kitchen knife, which he threw in the backyard. The murder weapon was never found, and experts believe that a seven-inch knife is inconsistent with Kline’s injuries, being that none of her wounds were more than three inches deep, and the force required would likely leave deeper wounds.


“Following my evaluation and analysis of the materials submitted, it is my professional opinion, based upon a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that there is not sufficient evidence to specifically identify Mr. Joseph M. Giarratano as the assailant in the stabbing death of Mrs. Barbara A. Kline and the rape-strangulation of Miss Michelle D. Kline.

“The one hair sample consistent with Mr. Giarratano’s pubic hair does not provide personal identification.

“The absence of blood on the soles of Mr. Giarratano’s boots indicate that the bloody shoe prints leaving the bathroom where Mrs. Kline’s body was found were not left by him.”

–by Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., Department of Pathology, Central Medical Center Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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