Sexual Assault

In one police-composed confession, Giarratano claimed to have gone to the bedroom with Michelle after talking with her and her coming on to him.  Once in the bedroom, he tried to persuade her to have sex with him, but she refused, so he raped her.  If this confession is to be believed, she went into the bedroom of her own free will, leaving questions as to why “drag marks” were found on the carpet.  Certainly, if we are to believe Mr. Giarratano, when he says that he raped this girl, and killed both her and her mother, why would he lie about her going into the bedroom on her own, and him not having to drag her in.

There were thirteen human pubic hairs found on and around Michelle Kline’s body which were not identified as Joe’s, even though he gave a sample of his own for testing.  These thirteen hairs were never identified. The box of evidence that was in the state’s possession, which Joe’s lawyers requested for DNA testing mysteriously “disappeared.”

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