Contradicted One Another

For instance, Giarratano mistakenly reported to the Jacksonville, Florida Police that Barbara Kline was killed first and mentioned nothing about Michelle Kline’s rape.  After his subsequent interrogation with Norfolk, Virginia Police, Giarratano’s alleged confession correctly recounted that Michelle Kline’s murder preceded Barbara Kline’s and that Michelle Kline was raped prior to her murder.  See Petition, P. 43. Norfolk police testified that they confronted Giarratano with the facts known to suggest what they believed occurred.  See Petition P. 46.

A more reliable explanation for the inconsistencies and contradiction in Giarratano’s multiple police-written statements is that Giarratano was ignorant of some key crime scene facts when he first spoke to Jacksonville, Florida interrogations and thus misstated them; that Norfolk police interrogators suggested the correct crime scene facts to Giarratano, who then corrected his earlier statements to conform to the facts that they provided him.

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