Blood on Boots

From the Affidavit of June Brown Tillman (prosecution’s chief witness against Giarratano)

4. One of the items of evidence, which I analyzed, was a pair of boots, which were identified as belonging to Mr. Giarratano. Upon examination, I found human blood, type O, on the front and right side of the left boot. In conducting such an examination, I would have inspected the boots for any occult or hidden blood by visual, microscopic and chemical testing as well. Such blood can sometimes be found in crevices in the sole of shoes or in the welt of the shoe. No blood was found on Mr. Giarratano’s boots other than in the places noted.

5. In the course of my analysis or physical evidence in this case, I was not provided the photographs of the crime scene.

6. Recently, I have been provided these photographs by counsel for Mr. Giarratano. I have examined, in particular, the two photographs showing bloody shoe prints leading from the bathroom where Barbara Kline’s body was found.

7. It is my opinion that the footwear which produced the bloody footprints would have blood on the soles, in the areas of stitching, around the heels, and possibly the edge of the sole and in the welt. A forensic examination would have shown visual microscopic or chemical traces of blood, even if the footwear had been washed. When I examined Mr. Giarratano’s boots, no traces of blood were found in these areas. Blood was only found on the front and right side of the left boot.

8. Had I been shown these photographs in connection with my examination of Mr. Giarratano’s boot, I would have recommended that the police obtain the shoes of other possible suspects for examination for the presence of human blood and that a physical comparison be made between the suspected footwear and the scaled photographs of the bloody footprints.

9. Although the blood type of Michelle Kline is known, Michelle Kline was strangled. The blood type of Barbara Kline, who was stabbed, is not known. It is important to find out what blood type Barbara Kline had, and this can still be determined by typing the blood stained clothing she was wearing if that clothing has been properly preserved.

–Signed by June Brown Tillman

NOTE: Numbers 1 – 3 of this Affidavit pertain to addresses for Ms. Tillman, and are not relevant.

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