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Joe’s blog – #93 – I have been granted parole

WOW! By now most all have heard the news: I have been granted parole. My head is still swimming. WOW! It is difficult to express what I am feeling right at this moment. Humbled, anxious, a little intimidated, excited, scared, overwhelmed. Yesterday while writing an email from the kiosk I began tearing up. It is […]

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Joe’s blog – #92 – Words are not equal to violence

A Swedish journalist recently noted (a concept held by others), “The idea of universal freedom is vital for human coexistence. The realization of this idea rests on us upholding the difference between idea and action, and that there is no way of bargaining here. Words are not equal to violence, however aggressive and frightening they […]

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Joe’s blog – #91 – The recent violence in Charlottesville

The recent violence in Charlottesville should grip the attention of us all: just as it should where it has risen its nasty head elsewhere in our society. We must not accept it and we must speak out to condemn it in no uncertain terms. That must occur in the halls of our government, in our […]

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Joe’s blog – #90 – Is healthcare a right or a privilege?

Those who drafted our Constitution and, those who ratified it, were of the conviction that we are all endowed with certain inalienable rights chief of which, as set forth in our Declaration of Independence, is the right to Life. It necessarily follows, at least in my mind, that healthcare is a right and not a […]

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